Our history



The company “Himtech” Ltd. was established in 2002, initially specializing in the installation of industrial equipment, technological equipment and implementation of non-standard projects.

The first sites are on oil refineries installations. Subsequently, the company expands the scope of its activity with clients in the wood processing industry and the water supply network.



The company began processing ferrous and stainless steels for the production of non-standard industrial equipment, pressure vessels and pipelines.


New horizons

“Himtech” Ltd. begins to export its activities by manufacturing and installing metal structures and equipment in France, Croatia, Serbia and Ukraine.



In the following years the company invested in the renewal of the machine park in the production base, as well as in lifting equipment / cranes / for its installation activity.


Proven partner

To date, Himtech maintains excellent relationships with its customers, additionally offering maintenance services on an hourly basis.

Himtech offers a complete solution for the implementation of investment projects, from the moment of design, through production and installation, to the moment of launch.